My List of Xian Xia

NOTE: There has been some unification between translations groups I follow so without further ado, please find the updated linkss below

Martial God Asura
: Kindhearted Bee – Xian Xia

Coiling Dragon : I.E.T. – Xian Xia

Battle Through the Heavens : I.E.T. – Xian Xia

The Way of Choices
: Xian Xia

Desolate Era : I.E.T. – Xian Xia

Martial Space God
: Xian Xia

Stellar Transformations : I.E.T. Xian Xia

God and Devil World
: Zombie Xian Xia

Swallowed Star : I.E.T. – Xian Xia

Douluo Dalu
: Tang Jia San Shao – Xian Xia

Xian Ni
: Ergen – Xian Xia

Shen Yin Wang Zuo
: Tang Jia San Shao – Xian Xia

Before Night : Mao Ni – Xian Xia

Zhan Long : Shi Luo Ye – V.R. Game

: Yoo Seung – V.R. Game

Don’t Fear the Reaper
: Fan – V.R. Game


11 thoughts on “My List of Xian Xia

    1. No problem, I just want other people to know which ones I enjoy the most — Honestly if I could translate chinese I would help. I could do Korean but other than LMS none of the Korean ones are really needing translators and the Author asked us not to translate it anymore because he is going to release the translations on Amazon after Volume 20 😦 —

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  1. Hey, I want to thank you for the list and the links, all these light novels are awesome and thank you so much for sharing!!

    Allow me to return the favor, here are a few more.. maybe you have read them, maybe not, it may help other people looking to seek out light novels that are as much fun – – I shall seal the heavens is being translated by deathblade on Wuxia. ISSTH is very comparable to MGA.. so if you enjoyed that one or Desolate Era, you should really check this one out. – Against the gods is pretty good too, its being translated by alyschu, OverTheRanbow, Frantasy, unbeliever (sorry if I missed anyone and forgot to name them as thanks for doing this). The have their own website. This Light Novel feels more similar to ST.. the way the character is built. Its definitely a lot of fun to read, except that he’s not focused on one girl like Miss Li’er.. Ofc, ST is in its own league but from what I’ve read so far, ATG is definitely fun and you should read it as well. – Terror Infinity, first of all, allow me to state that it does not classify as Xianxia… I don’t think so… haha, but its pretty interesting. If you ever read Gantz, enjoy some crazy bloody / gory situations, well… this is it.

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  2. – The Legendary Thief is very similar to Zhan Long. Infact, they have the same author. The difference is that TLT is a bit more pervy. Haha, if you’re a guy though, I don’t think that you’d mind it very much. I forgot to mention ‘Way of Choices’ before, it has been listed by Ieatokra. Way of Choices is fantastic! It builds up slowly as well.. but it is – definitely – interesting. Shen Win Yang Zao is another good one that has already been listed. There’s a manga version for it as well.. but I’d suggest that you read the Light Novel. The manga doesn’t do it enough justice, though its alright to check it out to put a picture to the characters.

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