UPDATES – New Series (updated Websites for old series and better links for ease of checking / reading)


As usual I am very very slow to update and haven’t gotten around to it for a while. Anyone who is checking regularly will know that some sites have moved or consolidated and others are still valid. Please find a newer list with new series I am following as well as better updated links. Enjoy! I have further Categorized it by similar story types

Douluo Dalu
Against the God’s
Tales of Demons and Gods
Chaotic Sword God
God and Devil World
Desolate Era
Shen Mu
Shen Mu
Descent of the Phoenix

MC against the Universe
Martial God Asura

Coiling Dragon
Battle Through the Heavens
ISSTH (I Shall Seal the Heavens)
Martial Space God

Stellar Transformations
The Way of Choices

Swallowed Star
The Great Ruler
Xian Ni
Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Virtual Reality
LMS (Legendary Moonlight Sculptor) (Vol 1-26)
Zhan Long
The Kings Avatar
The Legendary Thief



Guys thank you for following, I don’t really update this blog unless I find new series that I like — I might try and implement something of an auto updater rss feed for when series get updated, I will look into that this weekend. ┬áBut Thanks for following and supporting the translators / authors that I like with me.